Alaska Dance Theatre usually hosts a number of productions at its Black Box Theatre. The entire school gets to participate in the majority of performances. ADT's Performing Company has access to even more performance opportunities.


Due to the Pandemic, this year's shows will be shorter and spread out to allow for social distancing for dancers. Depending on the show, the number of audience members could be limited.


ADT will provide a live streaming where possible, and a recording of the shows, for everyone.


With multiple ways to participate, all of our families will have an opportunity to participate and engage in the productions!

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Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Front Desk or call us (907) 277-9591 with any questions.

Productions throughout the year:

"An Alaskan Holiday"

"Excerpts from The Nutcracker"

"On the Verge"

"Favorite Tales & Stories"


Summer Camp Performances

Solos and Group Numbers for Various Competitions

ADT’s Excerpts from The Nutcracker is live!

The time is here that we’ve all been waiting for! Click the link below to enjoy our FREE version of Excerpts from The Nutcracker! 


We are so thankful to our staff, dancers and our amazing community for making this dream happen. It just isn’t the holidays without The Nutcracker! 


Click here to watch: