A Special Thank You from the President

    A special Thank You to all who participated in our survey with the Foraker Group. We sincerely appreciate the feedback and want you to know how it’s essential to the board of directors help us keep our collective compass pointed in the right direction. We’ll continue to ask for your input in the coming months in order to help ADT be the best experience it can be for you and your dancers.

    Taken as a whole, the results from the survey show ADT continues to deliver a high-caliber, community-drive dance experience for families. You gave us especially high marks for dance programming and student outcomes. It’s gratifying to know ADT’s hard-working staff continues to deliver such effective instruction and an environment where students can grow.

    You also indicated that we have some areas where we need more focus. We’re already hard at work addressing those areas and believe you’ll see a difference in future.

    Jonathan White

    Board President

    Alaska Dance Theatre

    Jonathan White is the Board President at Alaska Dance Theatre and the owner of SteamDot Coffee Co. Photography by Ash Adams.

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    Alaska Dance Theatre is funded in part by contributions from businesses, individuals and foundations including: Alaska State Council on the Arts, Atwood Foundation, Municipality of Anchorage, the National Endowment on the Arts and the Block Foundation.

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