Did you know that today is a Special Day?

Dear ADT Families!

Today is "Advocate for the Arts day!"

This is an actual day, if you can believe it! 

As you know, the Arts as a sector is really struggling right now due to COVID-19. Although some relief is available, arts organizations are the last in line to be considered, or don’t qualify at all. Service revenues are a fraction of what they used to be.

We hope you will help us ‘flood’ our representative mailboxes with emails asking to support the Alaska’s art sector. We know from history that art is especially important in the darkest of times; art inspires humanity to overcome any challenges and look to the future with hope.

Below please find a draft email which can be used, and links to contact forms of our representatives in Washington DC.  

Simply copy and paste the letter and submit it to each representative. Tweak the letter as you see fit or write your own. It will take just five minutes of your time, but will make a huge difference in helping save not just ADT, but all Alaska art organizations.

Thank you, this makes so much of a bigger impact when we all work together. If you have any questions, please let me know!

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Kristen Vierthaler

Director of Development

Links to Contact Forms:

Suggested Letter (copy/paste/tweak or write your own):

Dear Honorable Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan, Don Young,

The Arts & Culture sector in Alaska is in crisis due to the disastrous effects of COVID-19. The sector is comprised from a variety of organizations from performing arts associations to dance studios to music schools and employs thousands of Alaskans across the state. These organizations need your help, and they need it now. They are struggling financially, with no concrete idea when it will be safe to re-open for public events and classes.

Art is tremendously important, especially in times of crisis. Art gives people hope and motivates them to overcome any hardships. While the doors of many art organizations maybe closed, their missions are wide open and they continue to innovate and serve Alaskans to the best of their ability, as well as engage and uplift Alaska communities. They do this with nearly 100% of their revenue streams shut down.

Many arts organizations received early assistance in PPP and EIDL loans, but these programs were not designed to support long-term closures. Like many small businesses in Alaska, art organizations received funding through these loans early in the pandemic, making them ineligible to receive funding through the Cares Act due to restrictions put in place by the legislature in May. As you know, Alaska was the only state in the nation to include this curtailment, a decision detrimental to many of Alaska’s small businesses and nonprofits who need more help in order to survive.

The arts mean business and jobs! National (Americans for the Arts) and local (UAA’s Center for Economic Development) studies have proven that communities that support art are investing in an industry that supports thousands of jobs, generates government revenue, and is the cornerstone of tourism.

The arts create jobs, connection, imagination, community and joy. Most importantly, inspiring song/dance/art makes people feel hopeful, that they can overcome almost anything.

Without new infusions of funding, Alaska’s art will be in dire circumstances in a matter of weeks. We ask that you include art organizations in the national/state’s economic relief and recovery efforts. We hope this letter adds urgency to your efforts to provide Alaska and other States of the Union with economic relief to cope with the second wave of COVID-19.


Your Name

*this letter was adopted from the draft composed by ADT and other performing arts organizations

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