Did You Know that Dance Helps Battle the Winter Blues?

Living in Alaska, we experience some pretty brutal winters - one of the worst side effects being Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is caused by the long, dark days. This time of year in all its darkness can cause depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, low energy levels, and affect your personal, social, and work life.


Study after study shows that movement, whether it's working out at the gym, taking a walk outdoors, or dancing to music, actually helps release hormones that relieve stress and anxiety. Ever heard of a runner talk about their 'runners high'? They'll typically explain it as a sense of euphoria. This is because endorphins act to block out depressive thoughts and feelings. Besides raising your levels of dopamine and endorphins, exercise, such as dance can:

  • Offer cognitive benefits - Focusing on different movements to music is a positive distraction from painful or sad thoughts. Dancers get a sense of achievement after memorizing and performing choreography.

  • Provides mood-boosting music - Your favorite jam mixed with fun moves is sometimes all it takes to elevate your mood and help you tune out the frigid temps.

  • Promotes social interaction - Winter weather makes you feel isolated, which is why dancing in a social setting regularly helps boost your mood.

  • Makes you happy - According to research, dancing is better at lifting your spirits than any other exercise.

If your kids are in a winter funk, the remedy is for them to get rid of feeling tired, sluggish, and moody, and DANCE!


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