Keeping Our Families & Students Safe

Alaska Dance Theatre staff and Board of Directors would like to make sure that we offer the safest possible environment to our families, students, and employees during these uncertain times. We implemented the following measures towards this goal.

Comprehensive COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

ADT has instituted a comprehensive COVID-19 Mitigation Plan that covers protecting the public, workplace protective measures, self-quarantine of arriving workers, procedures for personnel who become ill, cleaning and disinfecting protocols, & more. When at ADT, ask our front desk team to see a copy.

Part of the Plan is the Assessment Survey which consists of a series of questions covering COVID-19 symptoms, fever, recent travel, and recent contact with possible/confirmed COVID-19 infected individuals. We encourage everyone who plans to visit our facilities to review the survey in advance of your visit. Persons who don’t pass the survey are asked to refrain from using ADT facilities that day, and encouraged to utilize the ADT's online classes instead, if applicable. Most classes this summer and fall will have an online session held concurrently.

Additionally, in accordance with the plan, staff and instructors are required to have their temperature taken with a contactless thermometer before they are admitted to work each day. Finally, as part of the COVID-19 Mitigation Plan, we've made available bottles with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in all studios and in the lobby.

Studio Standards for Employees

The following safety and health precautions were designed to limit the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19 and to help establish a safe and healthy environment in our studios. Every staff member pledges to follow these standards:

  1. At the beginning of every shift, staff are required to check in with the Office Manager to have their temperature reading taken to confirm that they do not have a fever, and to complete an assessment to ensure they don't experience shortness of breath, feeling sick, have traveled within the last 14 days, or have come in contact with anyone who has traveled recently or has been sick. The assessment is continuously updated to reflect most recent guidance from CDC, State of Alaska, and Municipality of Anchorage. If a staff member doesn't pass the assessment, they will be required to leave the facilities that day and an appropriate substitute instructor will be provided. ADT maintains a daily log for all staff.

  2. Staff are required to wear masks in the lobby and general areas at all times.

  3. Staff will maintain social distancing of 6 feet or more from other persons, both in the lobby and in the studios.

  4. In the classrooms, staff will work to position students at least 6 feet away from each other to maintain social distancing guidelines. We implemented mark gridlines on the floor to help staff and students maintain social distancing. For Creative Movement and Pre-Ballet classes, teachers will use hula hoops, floor grids, and other floor markers.

  5. Staff will encourage students to wear masks in the classroom.

  6. Staff are required to wear masks while instructing to the furthest extent possible. In the event that a mask needs to be removed to communicate with the class, staff are required to stand at least 10 feet away from students.

  7. Corrections from staff will be limited to verbal explanations at this time. Should specific genres require spotting or additional support, staff will approach both parents and students to receive permission to spot students.

  8. Staff will sanitize all surfaces of the classroom after use with sanitizing wipes. This includes barre surfaces, creative movement props, acro equipment, and all gear.

  9. For all creative movement and Pre-Ballet classes, prop use in class will be kept to a minimum at this time. Teachers may ask that students bring a special prop to class with them if they feel it would be beneficial to have.

  10. The downstairs locker rooms are limited to bathroom use only at this time.

  11. The water fountain is off limits at this time. We encourage students to bring their own water bottle for personal use only.

Studio Etiquette Video

Associate Director, Melissa Jabaay, along her students, created this fun video to serve as a friendly reminder of our school's policies. Please enjoy the video below!

Face Covering Policy

Health and safety of our dancers and their families is our absolute priority. In accordance with the Municipality of Anchorage Emergency Orders, ADT is requiring all visitors to our facility and lobby area to wear a mask.

This Order does not apply to the following categories of people or activities:

A. Any child under the age of 2 years. These young children should not wear a face covering because of the risk of suffocation.

B. Any child under the age of 12 years, unless a parent or caregiver supervises the use of face coverings by the child to avoid misuse. ADT will provide instructor supervision for any family who wishes that their dancers wear a mask during class.

C. Following the Municipality of Anchorage exceptions, ADT will not require dance camp students to wear masks, but will ensure that students are properly social distanced, following the grids and markings in our studios and common areas.

D. It is not required that a mask be worn during exercise.

E. Any individual for whom wearing a mask or cloth face covering would be contrary to his or her health or safety because of a medical condition or mental health condition, and any individual unable to tolerate a mask due to a physical or mental disability.

ADT recognizes that it takes a community working together to fight the spread of a very infectious disease and we ask for your participation and respect as you join us in keeping our fellow Alaskans safe and healthy. In summary, please wear a mask while you are in the lobby, unless the above applies to you.

Spare masks are available at the front desk free of charge. We also have fun ADT-branded masks available for sale at the front desk.

Should you feel uncomfortable being in our facility at any time, front desk staff are here to assist you via phone. Please give us a call (907) 277-9591, and we are more than happy to help.

We want to make sure that our staff and students remain healthy and productive. If you have further suggestions on how we can improve our policies, please email your suggestions to Niki Maple, Artistic Director,; or, Andrei Chakine, Interim Executive Director,


ADT Team

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