On the Verge: Alaska Dance Theatre Student Choreographers & Company Dancers in the Spotlight!

Dear Families and Dancers!

Thank you for sharing On the Verge with us last weekend - a unique annual event showcasing original student choreography and dance. We hope that you enjoyed the performance as much as we did.

After tallying the audience's votes, we ended up with three winners, two of them sharing a Second Place.

First Place

Goodbye from Kali - Kali Dey

Music: "Forty Screams" by Son Lux

& "My Body is a Cage" by Arcade Fire

Dancers: Greta Baker-Hodge, Morgan Cruz, Mikayla Gyfteas, J. Augustine Hardison, Alysa Kuzma, Clotilde Severin, Hannah Stieren, & Fiona Witty-Daugherty

Kali Dey has been a part of the Alaska Dance Theatre family for nearly 7 years. She is enrolled in our advanced dance classes and is one of our pre-professional company members and is heavily involved in all our training programs here at ADT. We have had the honor of Miss Dey participating in our numerous productions in various roles and community service opportunities during her time with us. She is a student with an incredible drive and passion for excelling in everything she sets her mind to. This is Kali's second year choreographing for On The Verge. She is a tremendous example of hard work and commitment. She is an inspirational dancer whose intensity and uniqueness seemed to have been perfectly displayed in this winning piece of choreography. We are so proud of her growth, maturity, and leadership as one of our Senior Principal Dancers. We wish her the best of luck in her future choreography endeavors.

Second Place

Thankful for the Scars - Esther Varnell

Music: "Scars" by I Am They

Dancers: Ella Banker, Skylar Berg, Wiktoria Grochowski, & Ellie Rauckhorst

Esther Varnell is a part of our pre-professional company as one of our soloists. She is enrolled in some of our top-level ballet classes. Ms. Varnell has been involved in almost every performance opportunity ADT has offered her. She is truly an exceptional young lady who spreads her kindness and positive attitude in every classroom she enters. She is a hard-working individual who is always smiling and encouraging others, leading by example displaying tremendous integrity when faced with tough circumstances. This is her second year choreographing for the Verge. We are so proud of Esther, her hard work, and tremendous growth.

Second Place

Nightshade - Mikayla Gyfteas

Music: “ Run Baby Run” by The Rigs

Dancers: Aleya Bierma, Kali Dey, Anastasia Finch, Libby Jabaay, Juliet O’Connor, & Siobhan Witty-Daugherty

Mikayla Gyfteas is one of the second-place winners. She is one of the most hard-working Principal dancers enrolled in our pre-professional company. She has won numerous awards, including National honors in performance and competitive opportunities dancing with Alaska Dance Theatre. She is an incredibly talented dancer who can always be seen putting in the extra effort needed to continue to grow and mature. Mikayla is a beautiful example not only to her peers but to our younger members of the company. She is thoughtful and kind, truly displaying to them that hard work and always showing up to class is vital for success. And that building others up and showing support to others is equally important. We are so proud of her efforts and wish her congratulations as one of our winners.

ADT staff is so proud of all the choreographers and dancers who participated in On The Verge. Every one of them deserves a special mention; however, space is limited in this blog. We hope they will continue to reach for the stars by putting the time, effort, and hard work needed to grow and develop their tremendous talents. So that they can achieve their goals to be not only well-rounded dancers but also helpful and kind members of our community and the world beyond!

We will be sending out video recordings from On the Verge tomorrow, on Friday, via a regular email. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions - (907) 277-9591.


ADT Team

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