Online Tree Auction - Time's Running Out - Amazing, Beautiful Gifts Still Available!

We had to switch things up a bit this year to accommodate social distancing, but now you get to bid on your favorite trees from the comfort of your home!

We have a total of 8 trees this year that were graciously donated by ADT staff and students, with themes from Boho Earring Bazaar to The Nutcracker Suite!

* * *

Boho Earring Bazaar

12” mini tree decorated with an assortment of boho inspired fashion earrings. A total of 32 earrings are included in this tree!

* * *

Beautiful Ballerina

12” mini tree donning 3 new ballerina themed ornaments and a hand made pointe shoe string art wall decor.

* * *

Gamblin' Bambino

12” mini tree with decorations of dice, monopoly homes and simon says pieces on a supporting base that is a mini battleship game board! Included are 4 games for your family to enjoy (and maybe promote a little bit of friendly competition).

* * *

Sweet Tooth Satisfaction

12” mini tree decorated with mini See's candies, accompanied by an assortment of delicious chocolates and sweets from See's candy!

* * *

Sew Essential

12” mini tree decorated buttons and feathers, featuring needles, a pin cushion, a measuring tape. Also includes a fun DIY Nutcracker kit with some jewels to make it your own.

* * *

It's All About the Hair

12” mini tree decorated with an assortment of necessities for the perfect ballet bun.

* * *

Nutty Nutcracker

24” mini tree decorated with your favorite Nutcracker characters. Also included is a $30 Sweet Caribou - handcrafted in Alaska gift card, an insulated travel mug, a Nutcracker themed cupcake set, a satin face mask, candy cane striped scrunchie, Nutcracker socks, a ballerina makeup bag AND a 14” Nutcracker!

Bidding is open from December 17, 2020 to December 23, 2020 at 11:59pm. All proceeds go to support ADT's scholarship fund and programs.

Please feel free to share this with your friends!

AUCTION RULES are simple! Join our tree auction group here (link below). Write your bid in comments under your desired tree's picture.

These beautiful trees make a perfect gift topper for yourself, your loved ones or your friends. Plus, you will feel genuinely happy because you know you are supporting art in Alaska. Than you very much!