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All Aboard Mates!!!... for Alaska Dance Theatre’s new comedic ballet, Pineapple Poll. This tongue- in- cheek, mischievous love story follows the sailor crew of the H.M.S. Hot Cross Bun, the beautiful Pineapple Poll and her friends…the bold young women who fall in love with them. With original choreography by Artistic Director Niki Maple, and music by Gilbert and Sullivan, this nautical ballet adventure will have your toes tapping!

The Story

Our story begins in a portside city on the outskirts of England. Our Heroine, Pineapple Poll is greeted by many friends and admirers as she goes about her day. Although she has the heart of every sailor in town, she hopes to meet someone more substantial and important for a husband. As luck would have it, Captain Belaye, a young and newly appointed ship's captain, enters into town. Being both handsome and charming, all of the local girls fall in love with him, none more so than Pineapple Poll. Although the Captain appears disinterested, she decides right then that the Captain will be hers. PIneapple Poll and her friends devise a plan to dress up as male sailors and sneak on the Captain's ship in an attempt to further woo the Captain. Will Pineapple Poll's hilarious disguise win her the heart of the Captain, or will the Captain send her overboard? You'll have to come to the show to find out!

* * *

Set sail with this special ticket offer, ends March 4th: get as many tickets as you like at $10/adult, $5/children and seniors. Invite your friends and family to enjoy this live performance and support our young artists. March 5 forward, ticket pricing will return to regular price of $25/adult and $10/children and seniors. You can buy tickets at ADT's Front Desk. Please call (907) 277-9591.

Show times:

Cast A

Friday, March 27 @ 7pm

Saturday, March 28 @ 7pm

Sunday, March 29 @ 1pm

Cast B

Saturday, March 28 @ 3pm

Sunday, March 29 @ 4pm We look forward to seeing you at the show! Sincerely, ADT Team

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