Progress Reports Coming this Week!

Progress Reports are coming out this week! These will be handed out in class, so please ask your child for their progress report.

What is a Progress Report? Progress reports are a great way for parents to know how their child is performing in school. The purpose is to convey information from the school to parents about a student's educational progress. This is a useful tool in learning about your dancers’ strengths and weaknesses, and for charting progress in real time. It is a chance to connect with the teacher to determine how best to help the child as they progress through the school.

What it is not: A punishment, a reprimand, a disciplinary instrument.

If you have questions or need clarification on any points, please reach out and talk to us! We are always happy to meet and address anything that is unclear or troubling.

Our goal is to see your dancer progress in a way and in a time that is right for them.

We recognize that each child is different and has their own unique gifts and challenges. ADT’s desire is for your child to have the best possible experience in their arts education, and a progress report helps us to work hand in hand with you to help best support your dancer.

How to connect with ADT staff: please call 277-9591 to make an appointment to come in and chat with staff! Or email at

We look forward to hearing from you! Happy Dance Parenting!

ADT Team