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    Spring is just around the corner, and along with the warmth and happy chaos that comes with the changing of the season, Showcase is looming on the horizon. The Spring Showcase Showcase is a vast production, involving more than 300 young dancers, with most performing multiple times on the big, beautiful stage at the Performing Art Center. This production offers our students a unique opportunity to perform on a professional stage and to demonstrate all the hard work they put into their classes. It requires a coordinated effort of the entire ADT staff, including 24 teachers and five administrative employees, all working together during several months; plus, several stage, light, and sound technicians from the Performing Arts Center supporting the performance.

    $95 per class Showcase fee You've already paid your $95 Showcase fees, and if you have children in more than one class, you've paid out that amount per class for your child to participate in this activity. We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you more about how the fee is used and what it covers. Showcase fees do neither support regular ADT's operations nor pay for the overhead costs. The entire amount goes towards covering the direct costs associated with the Showcase production at the Performing Art Center. While ADT sets forth tight budgets and controls the entire process from start to finish to ensure that the costs are kept at a minimum, the production of this magnitude requires significant funding. The total Showcase cost--including costumes, theater rental, teacher time, and other costs described above--amounts to a whopping $70,000. The detailed description of each cost category is below: • Costumes By far, the most expensive cost this fee pays for is your child's costume: around $55 of every fee covers the cost of the costume and the shipping. Each class your student participates in requires a costume. For a quality dance costume--the kind of durable costume that can withstand the rigors of dance, while not constraining the dancer--this is a median price. Cheaper "Halloween" style costumes typically found on Amazon, eBay and similar sites, are not suitable for dance performances. ADT uses several professional dance industry suppliers to get a beautiful safe costume for your child. On average, such costumes range from $38 to $90 and above. ADT deliberately sets the budget for all teachers and classes of $55, including shipping, which is right in the lower middle of this range. • Theater rental The cost of renting the theater at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts is around $4,500 a week. This fee includes the cost of dressing room rentals and an additional theater to accommodate the number of students involved. Theater rental covers the two days of the Showcase, and also an additional week to properly tech and rehearse each of the numbers on stage. Just like in commercial performance, it's essential that dancers learn the peculiarities of dressing room locations, backstage corridors, the sequence of numbers, and get accustomed to the feeling of being on a real stage. • Professional services ADT is required to use the Center for the Performing Arts' Union workers for professional lighting, sound, and stagehands. The associated technicians' costs are set by the Union and are around $9,000 for the Showcase performances. • Additional teacher time for production ADT has 24 teachers on staff, and the cost of Showcase teacher time for choreography, costume ordering, and rehearsals comes to around $16,000. • Other production costs The other costs associated with the show include the creation of sets, if needed, and printing of programs. The total of such expenses is around $4,000. The Showcase Fee does not cover all of the expenses, and ADT sells tickets to make up for the difference. Because ADT is using the Performance Art Center as a venue, ADT is required to sell tickets through CenterTix that retains 25% of all sales revenues.

    When all is done and paid for, and the Showcase is in the rearview mirror, ADT's revenues (fees and ticket sales) are just enough to cover the costs. This is a deliberate decision on our part because ADT does not view Showcase as a money maker. Instead, we do our best to keep the costs and the fees down and aim only to break even. Furthermore, ADT is looking for ways to cut costs and hopes in the future to lower the Showcase fees for our families without sacrificing the quality of this experience for students and their families. We hope that this explains what the costs are. Having looked at all of that, when we see the absolute thrill it is for our 300 plus young dancers to perform in such a gorgeous theater, in a well-managed and beautiful production, we hope it makes it all worthwhile! Showcase gifts all of us with a unique experience, and our students, and you, our families, will remember and treasure these memories for life. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. ADT Team

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