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Turning on Netflix the other day, I was struck by how many shows have been created about Superheroes.

We as a culture seem fascinated by these larger-than-life characters who are committed to selflessly helping others and making the world a better place, and let’s not forget their fabulous costumes! What does all that have to do with you? I’m glad you asked! At ADT, we think the warm and fuzzy feelings that those Superheroes get from doing the right thing should be shared with our families, as well as the awesome couture that accompanies it!

Check out our newest merchandise launch at Bonfire! All original designs by our very own Sara Schroeder (Embler), Office Manager & Marketing Coordinator. Not only can you score some stylish ADT wear; by purchasing from us, you are helping to fund our scholarships, which allow children to dance regardless of family income! Everything you need to be a Superhero in your community!

Kristen Vierthaler

Director of Development


Nine different style options, from sizes youth S-L and adult XS-4XL (depending on style). Available in many styles, from infants through adults - and even for your doggo!

All proceeds go to support our programs and scholarships. Thank you!

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