Thank you for being a part of ADT

It has been a challenging year; however, there are a lot of things that we at ADT are thankful for!

We are thankful for our students, who continue to impress us with their strength and dedication to learning the art of dance.

To our families, for your continued support of our school and programs, and for sticking with ADT during these challenging times!

To our Board, for their wise leadership and guidance that kept us going and kept us safe.

To our teachers and staff, for your perseverance and ingenuity in overcoming the innumerable challenges—technological and other—in order to teach and spread the love of dance!

We thank all of you for helping ADT secure Best Dance Studio, 1st Place from Anchorage Press, for the second year in a row!

We wish you ‘lots of laughter & joy (and a really good meal) this holiday season - Happy Thanksgiving!

ADT Team

Alaska Dance Theatre is a nonprofit school of dance serving Alaskans since 1980. Variety of dance styles available. Dancers of all ages, levels are welcome! Registration is open. Reserve your spot:

We look forward to seeing you at Alaska Dance Theatre!