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What's Happening at ADT?

OUR MISSION: Fostering the love of dance for all through education, artistry, performance, community, and respect.


CORE PURPOSE: Dance, education, performance, community

The core purpose of Alaska Dance Theatre is to provide dance education, performance opportunities, and community engagement.


CORE VALUES: The core values of Alaska Dance Theatre include five pillars:

ARTISTRY - inspiring and nurturing artistic growth and creative expression

COMMUNITY - connecting as a family of dancers through authentic support and encouragement; and, connecting with artists throughout Alaska in the interest of artistic exchange, performance, outreach, and use of our dance facility

DANCE FOR ALL - inclusion of all students seeking artistic expression through dance

JOY - celebrating and fostering the love of dance

RESPECT - for all dancers, families, instructors, staff, partners, our facility, and dance as a form of art


Google reviews

"In the months that my daughter has been dancing with ADT, she has grown tremendously due to the superb teachings and practices of this institution.  We have travelled to some of the largest ballet programs in the country for training, and ADT parallels them all.  I am so grateful to this community-supported non-profit for its broad dedication to the art of dance and for its personalized dedication to my most precious gift - my daughter."

— ADT Parent

Principal Dancer Ava Holzberger

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