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Dance class student



ADT’s Demonstration Performance Program exposes children of all ages to the art of dance by showcasing artistic repertoire. Through lecture demonstration performances and experiential discussions, students experience the excitement of a live dance performance. This program is highly accessible as it brings the performance to you!
* perfect for assemblies, special events, and fundraisers



ADT strives to share dance to students of all ages. This 1.5 hour workshop is designed to introduce movement and music in a fun and creative way, providing a variety of dance activities to explore the power of movement. This program aims to excite, inspire, and expose the art of dance.
* perfect for team development, wellness programs and athletic groups

ADT offers in-depth exposures to a specific genre of dance including creative movement, ballet, jazz, and modern. These series can be designed to coordinate with any curriculum and can be geared to any skill/experience level. The goal of this program is to ensure that children in the community have access to a comprehensive dance training program that broadens their artistic development while promoting wellness, creativity, teamwork, discipline and social growth.

  • 1 hour/week

  • $10 per student

  • A minimum of three sessions

* perfect for pre-schools and after-school programs


Bring dance to your organization.
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