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Dance Hero - Clotilde Severin

Kind, positive and respectful are the qualities that exude from this month’s featured Dance Hero, Clotilde Severin.

Clotilde has encouraged her fellow dancers and teachers with actions rather than words as things around the studio and in life have changed drastically due to the 2020 health climate. “The struggle is real” dancing in this new environment with masks, keeping distance from fellow dancers, or perhaps just not freely roaming through the studio, yet Clotilde has maintained an encouraging and respectful attitude towards others, building others up during this time. She has a way to set the room at ease with her easy-going mind-set that emanates compassion. She is a great example of how to be a light during these dark times.

Clotilde is a Soloist in ADT’s company, and like many of her fellow classmates, she has worked hard to get into all the advanced level classes. She stands out with her ability to laugh off any short comings she may perceive herself to have rather then dwell on them. She simply gets up and tries harder next time. She is wonderful, and we are thankful she continues to show up ready to work hard with her laughter and words of encouragment. She is an example of kindness, perfectly blended with her uncanny awareness and respect for others and their feelings, something we can all strive to have more of.

Thank you to Clotilde for being an ADT Dance Hero!


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