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February Words of Wisdom From Ms. Niki

1. Dance is a team sport, and we are all teammates. Always remember to support, be helpful, positive, and kind to each other.

2. Try all styles of dance, even if you don’t think it’s for you. You might be surprised! 

3. The best way to start a class is to ensure that you are warmed up. Find ways to elevate your heart rate and get your body moving. Static stretching doesn't count!

4. A correction in class shows that a teacher is motivated to see you succeed, as is meant as a gift from your instructors.

5. Lastly, don't forget to thank your parents for their support. After all, dance is an expensive and time-consuming activity. Be thankful for your parents and let them know how you feel!


Niki Maple

Artistic Director

Ms. Maple received her early training from the School of Ballet and Ballet Etudes in Phoenix Arizona, under Nina Marlow.  She further supplemented her training by attending summer intensives with American Ballet Theatre in New York and Milwaukee Ballet. Ms. Maple was a company member with Milwaukee Ballet II, working closely with the professional company while furthering her dance education and training.  In 2007, Niki moved to Anchorage to dance with Alaska Dance Theatre. She has had the privilege to work with Eugene Ballet, James Sewell Ballet, and Pulse Dance Company along with notable choreographers such as Courtland Weaver, Alice Bassler Sullivan, James Sewell, Toni Pimble, Gillmer Duran, and Amy Seiwart. She has been teaching ballet for over 9 years in the traditional Vaganova style, ranging from intermediate to advanced levels. As a teacher and performer, Ms. Maple is passionate about sharing her love of ballet with the youth of Anchorage.  


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