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Join ADT's Youth Advisory Team for Be YOU

Join Alaska Dance Theatre's Youth Advisory Team for Be YOU --an open and free screening of "Winning at All Costs." The film is a production of the Alaska Eating Disorders Alliance (AKEDA), in collaboration with Executive Producer Holly Brooks, a 2X Olympian and licensed professional counselor. We'll have the popcorn; you bring a pillow or blanket to sit on (chairs and mats will also be provided)! 

The film seeks to celebrate the individual, share vital information about disordered eating, and eliminate the stigma and silence associated with eating disorders and mental health for competitive athletes and performers. 

Holly Brooks will attend the screening along with representatives of AKEDA and a panel of local health experts to guide a discussion and answer questions after the film. 

Because of the sensitive nature of this topic and the vulnerable personal accounts shared in the film, we welcome parent participation especially for those performers under 13.


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